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The Get Your Act Together Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

when I started growing a team, I thought I had to train them on everything because I knew it all. Or I would be aggravated that they didn’t know how to do it exactly like me because I knew the only good way to do it.  The only right way.  I would freak out if they messed up and used that as proof that I was the only...

Sep 20, 2022

 The group coaching program: Get Your Agency Together


Welcome back to another episode in our Agency Series!  On today’s show:

Audra King (M.Ed.) is obsessed with making business building easy and accessible. She has built a 6-figure business by constantly asking herself (and her clients) "How can we make this feel...

Sep 13, 2022


I’ve been thinking a lot about how we compare our businesses to those of other people.  Especially now and especially through social media lots of stories pop up about “six-figure” launches or “seven and eight figure” agencies.

Don’t compare yourself to these. You...

Sep 6, 2022

Rachel Pereyra has always been the breadwinner for her family. When pandemic hit and she started her agency it had to provide for the family from the first day. In this episode we look at her journey and how she makes decisions for herself and her company.

About the guest:

Rachel is the queer founder of Mastermind...