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The Get Your Act Together Podcast

May 30, 2023

Melinda Lee realized that her entire family line was full of silenced women. That realization led her to follow a calling as a communications and presentation coach.  Melinda saw that a lot of the challenges we all have to clear communication and public speaking were things that had nothing to do with memorizing the words.  In this interview we talk about dealing with “the inner critic”, how our bodies are living in the past, and the special needs that entrepreneurs have for presentation skills.  Melinda also shares some practical tips for public speaking that include what footwear you should have on.



02:48- An extraordinary history of silence

06:40- Should I write out what I want to say beforehand?

11:10- Speaking in person vs. Zoom vs. Podcast

14:07- “The Inner Critic”

16:58- Our bodies are living in the past

20:02- Entrepreneurs need to speak

26:12- The things we can do to prep to speak


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