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The Get Your Act Together Podcast

May 23, 2023

Email is still the best way to market to your audience.  It builds familiarity, establishes authority and trust.  It can also be horribly misused and cause a lot of ill will when done wrong.  This week I talk to Liz Wilcox who teaches online business owners how to make email genuinely effective.  Liz shares how to build a great welcome series.  Explains why we should stop using the word “copy” and shows me that I’ve been making email much too complicated.  This talk was a big help to me and I hope it saves you as much time as it’s saving me.



01:36- A strange background

04:54- Lose the word ‘Copy”

14:10- It’s a newsletter not a novel

24:06- Repeating yourself

39:44- The biggest mistakes people make with email

41:55- Outsourcing your emails

46:20- Getting people to reply


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